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postheadericon Local Foods are Healthy for You and the Economy

Want to find where you can buy local foods to eat fresh? Are you tired of food recalls? Can the food your family buys improve the Ohio economy?

If your answer is yes to these questions, you are ready to make a difference to improve your Health and our Ohio Economy. is your place to locate Farm Fresh foods all over Northeast Ohio.


How does your demand for local food help the Ohio Economy? Basic supply and demand economics can and will influence market conditions, i.e., grocery store shelves. In other words, if customers demand (I prefer to politely ask) their local grocers and restaurants to sell locally grown foods, the grocers and restaurants will begin thinking about doing it.


As the idea catches on, “Restaurant A” begins advertising that they serve locally grown fruits, vegetables and meats. When customers see that, Restaurant A gets more business. Soon, other restaurants are following the lead and offering locally grown foods too. Then, as the demand for locally grown foods increases, local farmers grow more. In total, our local economy begins to benefit.

Now, a lot of people are asking if any of this really matters. Again, the answer is yes. There are quite a few reasons to buy locally grown and produced foods. The Rural Life Center at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio produced a brief fact sheet providing some key points.

1. Freshness. Local fruits and vegetables are usually harvested and sold more quickly; thus, they do not contain the preservatives that are added to products shipped long distances and placed in storage.

2. Taste. Produce that is ripened on the vine has better texture and flavor than produce harvested unripe, then treated with chemicals and ripened during shipping.

3. Nutrition. Nutritional value declines–often drastically–as time passes after harvesting.

4. Improving the local economy. When you buy homegrown food, you circulate your food dollars inside the county.

5. Strengthening producer/consumer relations. When purchasing food locally, consumers can ask how the product was grown and processed, what chemicals were used (if any), and any other questions they may have. People tend to trust individuals they know, and they become repeat buyers.

Kenyon College is presently sourcing nearly ALL of its beef, pork and chicken from local Knox County, Ohio producers. They’re also buying about one-third of their dining hall foods from growers in and around Knox County.

In Northeast Ohio, the Countryside Conservancy and Ohio State University Extension have been partners with the local foods movement in Ohio for the last couple of decades. The Countryside Conservancy supports a local foods events calendar on their website featuring local farmer’s markets, cooking classes, special events and much more. Ohio State University Extension has never stopped supporting the families that raise, harvest and store their own foods. From vegetable production to canning guide factsheets, find over 1,000 food related informational topics at

Last Updated (Monday, 02 August 2010 20:57)